Along Stockholm's Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen Stockholm Royal Canal Tour around Djurgarden

*Click on any photo to open up its full-sized view. Most photos (probably the better ones) taken by Joseph Chakola. 

What a daunting name, huh? Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen is a narrow canal that runs between two of Stockholm’s main districts – the island of Djurgården to the south and mainland Sweden, namely the Östermalm district, which is the most populous and expensive of the different parts of the city.

During my trip to Stockholm a couple weeks back, my friends and I took one of the few river tours that were available; specifically, we took the Royal Canal Tour, which took us around the island of Djurgården and pointed out all the interesting and historical sites.

Djurgården is home to so much nature, which is surprising considering its central geographical location in the city of Stockholm. In addition to the natural beauty that we were fortunate to witness around Djurgården, the island is also host to many prestigious museums, such as the Vasa Museum and the Nordic Museum, some pricey homes and palaces, and Skansen, an open-air museum-esque destination that is “home” to houses and other buildings transplanted from different regions and ages of Sweden in a uniquely physical tribute to its many architectural styles and colorful history.