Approaching Stockholm on the Tallink Ferry

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On a trip in mid-October to Riga, Latvia, I took the M/S Romantika, a Tallink ferry, from Riga to Stockholm, Sweden to spend a little time in that capital city. The overnight ferry (17 hours) had us arriving in Stockholm at 10:30 in the morning. As we approached, we sailed through numerous islands of various sizes that are part of the Stockholm Archipelago.

The Stockholm Archipelago is a cluster of thousands (some say 25,000, others put it at over 30,000) of islands and islets that extend 60 km (37 mi) east from the actual city of Stockholm. Many of the islands are privately-owned and have beautiful homes for some of Sweden’s richer folks. However, though they all require a boat to reach, Sweden has the highest private boat ownership in the world, per capita, at 7% of its citizens owning some kind of floating vessel; there are also public ferries to some of the larger and more-popular of the islands in the archipelago.

Approaching Stockholm on the Tallink Ferry

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