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Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • World’s longest nonstop flight ended – This week marked the end of the current record holder, a Singapore Airlines flight which was 9,529 miles (15,335 km) long and almost 19 hours, flying between New York City’s Newark Airport and Singapore’s Changi Airport. (Telegraph UK)
  • … and that makes room for a new record holder – The new longest flight in the world is Qantas QF 7, a nonstop between Dallas Ft. Worth and Sydney, Australia which clocks in at around 16 hours, covering about 8,500 miles (13,679 km), about  a thousand miles shorter than the previous Singapore-NYC route. (Jaunted)
  • Ryanair gets new routes to Russia – Russia has granted Ryanair authorization to fly from Dublin to both Moscow and St. Petersburg; flights might begin by this upcoming March. (Bloomberg)
  • Google updates Maps with Street Views of various airports and stations – Google Maps now offers its Street View feature on 16 international airports, more than 50 train/subway stations, museums, and even a Hong Kong cable car station. (Skift)
  • Japan may soon legalize casinos – Next week, Japanese officials will vote on a bill that may legalize casinos and other gambling facilities, potentially boosting tourism and cash flow. (WSJ)
  • Paris-Barcelona direct, high-speed train to launch Dec. 15 – Tickets are now being sold for Europe’s latest high-speed TGV train route, which will make the Paris to Barcelona trip in 6 hrs 25 min, or to Girona in 5 hrs 50 min. (Telegraph UK)

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