London SkyCycle Proposal
London’s SkyCycle safe bike proposal. Photo by Foster & Partners.

Happy New Year 2014!!! Hope that everyone had a great transition, and that this year will be better and full of more travel than the last!

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Qatar Airways now offers e-visa services – The large Gulf carrier will now offer online fulfillment services for passengers wishing to visit Qatar who need a visa prior to arrival. (GT)
  • Rail bombing in Russia causes Olympic fears – The explosion struck the main station in Volgograd, raising the specter of terrorism ahead of the Winter Olympics. (NYT)
  • Atlantic City has one more year to turn luck around – The New Jersey city is now in its last year of a five-year reprieve from the governor to turn itself around before the state considers allowing casinos in other parts of Jersey, which would probably be Atlantic City’s final nail in the coffin. (CBS NY)
  • London plans bicycle lanes in the sky – SkyCycle would be a 136-mile (219-km) network of bike paths built above ground, mostly over existing rail lines. (BBC)
  • One-way ticket to live out rest of life on Mars moves ahead – Dutch nonprofit Mars One has selected over a thousand candidates from nearly a quarter-million applicants to enter a first round of testing before a final team is selected which would make a one-way trip to the Red Planet in an attempt to establish a permanent human colony there by 2024. (HuffPo)

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