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As you click on each option that the site gives you, the map updates to show only that route, so as not to get messy and in keeping with the clean layout of the site overall. At the bottom of the sidebar, it even gives options to calculate your travel’s CO2 footprint. Whichever transport option you have selected, the CO2 calculator will open up an interstitial window that displays the amount of carbon dioxide that it projects that trip will create, and it then it goes on to list three local options of charities or organizations that you can donate to so that you will be able to sleep well after booking.Rome2Rio Screenshot

Next to the CO2 button on the sidebar is a hotel tool, which shows most of the accommodation options available in your destination city. The last main feature is in the top-right corner, where you’re able to change the language of the site, currency displayed, and the measurement system (kilometers or miles); only about a half-dozen languages and currencies are available to choose from, at the moment.

The simplicity of the site is its greatest strength, though under the hood there’s a lot of calculations going on. Rome2Rio is by no means a complete resource, since prices are rarely accurate and booking can’t be done yet within the site. However, it seems to be fairly complete when it comes to the options of transportation available, especially in highly-trafficked areas, such as Europe and North America. Also, though prices aren’t accurate, they are not far off, which is fine for this tool, since you can’t book here; booking is made simpler with a direct link to the website where Rome2Rio found the fares, whether it be flights, trains, ferries, or buses. As an added bonus, the booking page will already be prefilled.

Rome2Rio is a wonderful tool, especially for travelers who are not on a vacation or limited otherwise by time during their travels. Having the ability to view all the available transport options to get from Point A to Point B on one page is a godsend, and it’s a wonder we’ve been without kind of tool until recently. Next time you plan a trip, remember to put Rome2Rio at the preliminary front of your travel considerations; you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Rome2rio is a booking site now – will show you hotels and help you book. I haven’t booked through them yet, that’s why I was looking for reviews.

    • Kinda, but you don’t finish booking on their site, right? I believe you still click over to the appropriate transportation sites to complete purchase. Thanks for stopping by, Caylee!

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