Elizabeth Bard Lunch in Paris

Elizabeth Bard

Elizabeth Bard is a New Yorker now based in France. She’s an exceptionally great writer, and her style doesn’t require the reader to need much of an imagination. Her first book, Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes, was a pleasure to read, and I eagerly await her next one, which I believe is written in the same style, called Picnic in Provence.

Book of Note – Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes

This book is full of short stories that will take you on a roller-coaster-type ride of emotions and feelings. Revolving around food in her new home of Paris, Bard recounts various instances in her life that are beautifully funny and others that are heart-wrenchingly sad. Her husband, Gwendal, is one of the main characters from the beginning. She starts off with a story of her first date with him, followed by more stories about the two and her coping to French life as an American. The book has recipes at the end of each chapter, but what I think she does even better is to describe the differences in culture between being French and being American. She struggles throughout the book to sustain her good American qualities, while adopting other French ones.

There’ve been countless authors who’ve taken on the venerable city of Paris, usually telling of their acclimation to life in the City of Light; Bard, on the other hand, describes several short stories about her failures to fall under the enchanting spell that so often befalls one in Paris. The story progresses with her dear Gwendal and his family as they come to terms with each other and the differences in culture and overcome each instance one by one. This is a beautiful read, and I couldn’t put it down; she describes Parisian culture and cuisine better than anything else I’ve come across yet.


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*Photo of Elizabeth Bard taken from NMH Flickr acct. Check out her official website at www.elizabethbard.com, which she continues to update with delicious recipes.

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