Norwegian Breakaway, taken from
Norwegian Breakaway, taken from

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • VG will have commercial space flights THIS YEAR! – Richard Branson has announced that this Christmas will be a very exciting one for anybody who’s paid the $250,000 sum to fly commercial for the first time into space; Dec. 25 is the date that his Virgin Galactic is expected to launch its first commercial flight into the firmament. (Australian BT)
  • Ryanair and Google partnering on secret plans – Europe’s notorious, penny-pinching budget airline is partnering with the search giant on an undisclosed project that they say will “blow comparison sites like Skyscanner out of the water.” (Independent)
  • Qatar Airways launches new airline in Saudi Arabia – Al Maha will start with 10 planes in the first year, adding 10 to 15 annually until it reaches at least 50 or so. (Bloomberg)
  • NCL and Disney obtain preferential berthing in British Virgin Islands – The two cruise operators will receive priority and are promised construction of new, larger docks in exchange for agreeing to deliver 425,000 tourists annually to the Islands for the next 15 years. (Skift)

Also: What City Should You Actually Live In? – This interactive BuzzFeed post asks about a dozen questions, ranging from your food tastes to pop culture, and then gives you a result based on your answers on what world city is ideal for you. (BuzzFeed)

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