Jack Kerouac and On The Road Scroll
Photo of Jack Kerouac (taken by Tom Palumbo) and the On The Road Scroll (taken by Flickr user Prosopee).

Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac is something of a household name already, but as a traveler, I’ve come to appreciate his writing even more so. He writes with this innocent exuberance, and his hunger for life and travel and fun are manifestly evident.

Book of Note – On the Road: The Original Scroll

“On the Road” is considered to be Kerouac’s defining work, the peak of his literary oeuvre. This book places Kerouac in a postwar America, in a time which is referred to as the Beat Generation, a name which Jack Kerouac himself coined. It’s a story of his travels across the United States, and his accompanying characters are friends of his, all famous literary figures themselves from that time – names such as Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg.

“On the Road” is an amazing book, controversial in its own day, where Kerouac questions his life and choices and seeks outside answers in a time of conformity. I suggest reading the “Original Scroll” version, as it has the unique style of Kerouac’s famous non-paragraphed typing; he was notorious for typing and typing away, never breaking for paragraphs, and the “Original Scroll” shows this at its best. The “Original Scroll” is also a good option because it leaves names as is – unchanged are the names of himself and his cohorts as they were during the book’s first publication.


This “Recommended Reading” column is a short dedication to books that I believe are relevant to travel. They may be fiction, biographies, recounts of a specific adventures, and I’ve fully read the mentioned book and recommend it for one or more reasons to other travelers. Disclaimer: I do not consider myself a writer of any particular strength or merit, but these are not reviews. I will not consider grammar, style, or locution, unless it is in a positive light. I recommend these books simply for the fact that I believe that they contribute to inspiring a desire for travel, a consciousness of cultures and traditions, and/or a thirst for learning about the world. For more “Recommended Reading,” click HERE ->

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