KLM Business Class Lie-Flat Seating
KLM Business Class Lie-Flat Seating

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Lithuania’s Euro-entry might upset financial balance – The Baltic country is set to start using the Euro currency next year, though it might prove to be trying for the other European countries, especially Germany. (NYT)
  • Mysteries surround Sochi’s “Putin World” – Workers are busy getting a new theme park, dubbed “Putin World” by some locals due to the Russian leader’s involvement, ready for the Olympics, though there are many unsavory details and rumors surrounding its construction and other aspects. (Today) 
  • Air France, KLM catch up with business lie-flat – Air France-KLM group will soon catch up to their rivals by finally installing lie-flat seats in their business class on long-haul flights, beginning with planes this summer on a New York-Paris route. Each seat comes at a cost of about 50,000 euros ($68,000) to make. (Bloomberg)
  • Lufthansa adds mobile roaming to in-flight services – Now, passengers of Germany’s flag carrier will be able to use their own mobile phones during a flight to make texts and browse the web, since Lufthansa included technology from AeroMobile to its FlyNet service; voice calls will still not be allowed. (FBT)
  • Amsterdam gets a Red Light District Museum – The Netherlands’ capital city has always had scores of tourists interested in the area known as the Red Light District, where people can essentially shop for women posing behind glass showcases; now, the “Red Light Secrets Museum” has opened Thursday in a former brothel, giving the other, lesser-known side of the story. (NYT)
  • Man fails at attempt to hijack plane toward Olympics – The XXII Winter Olympic Games have just started in Sochi, Russia, and one man tried to get a Pegasus plane en route from Ukraine to Turkey to redirect to Sochi by alerting them of a bomb onboard; the plane landed without incident in Turkey. (CNN)


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