So you’re ready to lend a hand, huh? Volunteering abroad is full of perks, both for yourself and for those you are helping. However – and I’ve always found this somewhat strange – it takes money to volunteer with most agencies nowadays. Volunteer trips of a few weeks in length can run over $1,000, though that often includes a room and meals. One of the best ways to come up with that kind of cash is to fund raise; your friends, family, and neighbors are probably willing to help out if you tell them you need it, especially when they see what you plan on doing with the funds.

Here’s a concise infographic by A Broader View Volunteers on some ways to raise the necessary money needed to go abroad and volunteer. A Broader View might have produced this infographic, but the tips are relevant for anybody thinking of doing the volunteer thing, whether it’s for a week or two, months, or more.

How to Fundraise Before Volunteering Abroad Infographic

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