United Split Scimitar Winglet
The new “Split Scimitar” winglets on a United plane, said to reduce fuel consumption.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Delta changing frequent flier program once again – Delta’s Skymiles program, which was just restructured for the 2014 year, has again changed the earning and redemption rules for the 2015 year, prioritizing dollars spent over miles flown. (CN Traveler)
  • Sub-$20 trans-Atlantic flights?!? – Ryanair has made a game changing announcement this past week, stating that they are planning to introduce £10 flights between the US and Europe, as soon as they purchase some more fuel-friendly aircraft. (Telegraph)
  • United’s latest winglet technology – United Airlines became the first airline to commercially fly a plane using a new fuel-saving winglet design; the new “split scimitar” winglets will enable the airline to save more than $200 million yearly in fuel costs. (FT Tarmac)
  • Emirates adding Chicago route – The premier Gulf carrier is adding the third-largest US city as a direct-to-Dubai route, beginning in August. (Chi Tribune)
  • No more bereavement fares from AA – American Airlines is ending its bereavement fares program, a subsidized ticket granted by an airline whenever a family member of someone died. (CNN)

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