Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices Monument Moscow

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The Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices Monument, located in Moscow, Russia is a monument in Bolotnaya Square, Balchug, quite near to the Kremlin; it is often referred to as the “Sins Monument” for short. The monument, created by Russian artist Mihail Chemiakin, is centered around two golden-clad children in the center, a girl and a boy, representing the innocent and naive young people in our society. Forming a semi-circle around the two unaware children are thirteen different sculptures representing adults of various “sins” and questionable virtue: prostitution, alcohol abuse, indifference, drug abuse, violence propaganda, etc.

The monument is quite a thought-provoking one, though for me it was not the inspiration-inducing thoughts that the artist might have intended on us conjuring; the name of the artwork and the art itself is so blatantly obvious that it leaves no room for misinterpretation or imagination. However, the finished product is surely still an aesthetically-pleasing visual experience.

*All photos taken by my dear friend, Giancarlo Alberti.