Laguardia Airport Rendering Neoscape
One Laguardia Airport Rendering by Neoscape.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Really? We still can’t find the plane? – It’s been two weeks now, and a multinational effort continues to be stumped as to what’s the fate of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370; one company has even turned to crowdsourcing for assistance to sift through satellite imagery. (BBC)
  • LaGuardia Airport finally gets the attention it needs – After US Vice President Joe Biden mocked New York City’s closest airport to Manhattan, it’s finally getting the funding and the attention it deserves and requires; though the rendering that is proposed is not currently approved, the design does leave room for even a subway connection straight to the airport. (ANY)
  • Venezuela holding airlines’ cash hostage – It seems that the Venezuelan government has been recently warned by the IATA after they have failed to pay up proceeds due to many international airlines that operate within the country. (QZ, Mar. 13)
  • … and airlines have cancelled flights to Venezuela, against warnings – Despite the recent money woes that have caused Venezuela to hold back about $3.7 billion dollars in owed money to various airlines, the Venezuelan government has warned airlines not to change or cancel flights to and from the country. (Reuters, Mar. 14)
  • Crimea annexed by Russia – Spurred by the Ukrainian crisis, Crimea, ethnically mostly Russian and once a part of Russia, was annexed by Russia after the locals voted overwhelmingly to sever its ties with Ukraine. (CNN)

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