High Line Park NYC

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The High Line Park in New York City is a fairly recent attraction, but its popularity since its inception has skyrocketed to be about equal to the venerable Central Park, an amazing feat in itself. However, with its ideal location, panoramic views of the Hudson River and New Jersey on one side and Manhattan’s West Side neighborhoods on the other, a stroll on the High Line is a perfect way to spend any afternoon or evening in the City.

The High Line, apart from its premier location and ideal views, is famous for being built on repurposed elevated railroad tracks. The High Line used to actually be the rails that served freight train traffic, not a subway, as some people now mistakenly assume. The elevated tracks enabled freight cars to stop and park right next to the warehouses and storage facilities that they were serving, and even to go right inside some buildings, in several cases; this all happened without inhibiting any other city life and traffic on the streets below.

New Jersey from High Line Park

Late spring through summer is the prime period to experience the High Line in all its splendor and beauty. The daytime offers sharp photo opportunities for miles in all directions: Jersey, the Hudson River, the Meatpacking District, and all the towers in the distance; the evening from sunset is beautiful in a completely different way, with the lights of the city and New Jersey offering slight additional ambience to the few bulbs that line the park. People watching, if you’re into it, is another unique experience at the High Line, as most parks don’t offer the chance to view city life from above.

Streets Below High Line Park