Path to Schloss Nordkirchen

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A few months back, I took a quick day trip from Münster to the small town of Nordkirchen, located in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state. The town is famous for its Schloss Nordkirchen, a large, moated castle built in the 1700’s in Baroque architectural style; originally home for the family of a local prince bishop, Schloss Nordkirchen is now the grounds for a university, the Fachhochschule für Finanzen Nordrhein-Westfalen (the College of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia).

The grounds are well-kept, and the woods around the place are quiet, but not in a scary or threatening way; rather, they make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale as you walk through them, something straight from the minds of the Brothers Grimm. I especially loved one wooded path I walked down, where the trees on either side were angled inward, as if they bowing to the very royalty that used to grace its paths en route to the castle ahead. And then also this bus stop, just outside the gates of the Schloss Nordkirchen, where we waited for our bus back to Münster:

Bus Stop at Schloss Nordkirchen

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