A320 JetBlue
jetBlue Aircraft. Taken by WIkimedia Commons user Maarten Visser.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Teen unharmed after flying in wheel well – A teen-aged stowaway flew from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of a plane, surviving cold temperatures at 38,000 feet and a lack of oxygen. (NYT)
  • JetBlue pilots join union – The United States’ fifth largest carrier was also the largest airline company without having pilots unionized; they voted this week to join the Air Line Pilots Association. (Crain’s)
  • Plans in China for world’s fastest elevator – A skyscraper set to be completed in Guangzhou by 2016 has plans by Hitachi to host the world’s fastest lift; the elevator would reach up to 72 kmh (45 mph) and would allow passengers to reach its 95th floor in 43 seconds, beating out the current record holder, the lift at the Taipei 101, which has a top speed of 60.6 kmh. (BBC)
  • El Al almost lands without gear down – The Israeli aircraft nearly missed certain disaster when landing at Heathrow, as an alarm alerted the pilots to their forgetfulness. (ToI)
  • Thai airline considers getting rid of metal cutlery – After some silverware was used in a fight aboard a THAI Airways International flight, the airline is prepared to switch to plastic. (BP – link dead)
  • Budget Brazilian airline aiming for US flights by 2015 – Azul Airlines, the Brazilian budget carrier, is coming to the USA in 2015; they plan to start with destinations in Florida and New York first. (FT)
  • Google Maps now offers “time travel” option – The dominant mapping service now lets its users see what Street View looked like up to 7 years ago, which often shows dramatic changes in larger and ever-evolving cities. (Skift)
  • Nokia to focus on maps – The once-great giant of cellular technology in Europe has sold its handset division to Microsoft, and will now focus on map technology. (NYT)

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