Little Red Lighthouse, NYC

George Washington Bridge Tower
One of the towers of the GWB, which the Little Red Lighthouse stands under.

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The Little Red Lighthouse is a small lighthouse that stands in Fort Washington Park in upper Manhattan, New York City. Officially named the Jeffrey’s Hook Light, this lighthouse is positioned just under the shadow of the great George Washington Bridge, the busiest bridge in the world as far as vehicular traffic, connecting Manhattan to New Jersey over the Hudson River.

The lighthouse was made famous when Hildegard H. Swift published a children’s book about it in 1942, The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge. The book personified the lighthouse’s fears that it was increasingly becoming irrelevant as a guiding beacon on the Hudson River.


  1. Great color – really highlights the lighthouse in those surroundings! You wouldn’t imagine that above it is the busiest bridge…

    • Thanks! Yeah, the photo makes it appear as though it stands in some serene environment, though the bridge is directly overhead with hundreds of cars passing by each minute (if Chris Christie allows it).

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