Bergen to Oslo Train

When the plane reaches soaring altitude, I often find it difficult to concentrate; though I may want to be productive or watch a movie, perhaps the trip ahead has me too excited to relax. Instead, the only thing that I can seem to stare at for any length of time is the plane’s positional map on the in-flight entertainment device (IED) located on the seatback in front of me – you know, the one that shows a map and facts and figures as to when the plane took off and when it’s scheduled to arrive at its destination.

That’s pretty relaxing for me, and it seems that I’m not alone; studies seem to show that this feature on IEDs are often the most popular item available on the entertainment menu. Apparently, passengers feel more tranquil just to have this barely-moving screen to watch.

Well, British Airways has accepted this fact and has come out with what they dub “Slow TV.” Basically, it will be an hours-long movie of a calming nature. Norwegians have highly regarded these slow programs of late, and so it comes as no surprise that they went with a popular Norwegian film in this new genre as its first “Slow TV” program. The movie, from a local Norway station, NRK, is called The Seven Hour Train Journey to Oslo, and that’s exactly what it is. It appears to be just a silent GoPro camera strapped on to the front of a locomotive as it makes its way from Bergen in the west to the nation’s capital – for the entire 7 hours. Norway is a land of abundant natural beauty, so this video will surely be a hit. I’m going to post a video on Sunday as the weekly photo/video so that you can decide for yourself.

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