Air France

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • British Airways to try “Slow TV” – The UK’s leading airline is going to feature a new movie to help keep willing passengers calm: a 7-hour train journey from Bergen to Oslo, Norway. (DJ, previously)
  • Mexico City plans large new airport – The booming capital city of Mexico plans on building a new airport that will eventually have 6 runways and could be in operation as soon as 2018. (Reuters)
  • Two TUIs hope to join, creating behemoth – TUI AG and TUI Travel Plc revived merger talks, possibly creating the world’s largest travel tour operator, if the plan succeeds. (Bloomberg)
  • ‘Road to Mandalay’ set to reopen – Travelers from India will soon be able to visit Burma (Myanmar) via its eastern border by a new bus route and road from Imphal to Mandalay; the 14-hour bus ride will travel the famous route for about £20 ($34). (Daily Telegraph)
  • Air France to try summer lull business swap – The French airline is trying a new model where they will swap out the business class seating for more economy class units during the times when business fliers are fewer, such as during the summer. (Bloomberg)
  • US may not admit more into visa waiver program – Though Chile just became the 38th country to have its citizens allowed to enter the US under the visa waiver program, it doesn’t appear that the United States will grant any new nations into the program, as restrictions and rules to be admitted is strict. (QZ)

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