As mentioned in Friday’s post, British Airways has come out with what they dub “Slow TV,” an hours-long video meant to invoke tranquility during flights. Citing passengers’ apparent enthusiasm for staring at the positional map on the in-flight entertainment device, the airline decided to offer a movie in the same calming vein.

This movie is the first one they offer, taken from Norway’s NRK channel, and it follows a train that travels the 7-hour journey between Bergen in the west and Oslo, the nation’s capital. The video is viewed in its full-length form, allowing a passenger to see Norway’s picturesque landscape and natural beauty constantly changing – perfect for a long-haul flight. It’s shot in a forward position, as seen from the locomotive’s or train operator’s perspective. Check it out and see what you think.

*This YouTube one is a bit over an hour long, but the full movie on British Airways is about the complete 7 hours.