Dubai Mall of the World
Renderings of the proposed Dubai Mall of the World, taken from Dubai Holding.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Dubai plans first Mall of the World – Dubai Holding have plans to build a new 48 million sq. ft tourist district in Dubai that will host the world’s largest mall, a new cultural district, a theme park and 20,000 hotel rooms; the district’s 7km of streets will be covered by a retractable roof during the summer, creating the world’s first “temperature controlled city.” (ArchDaily)
  • New Atlantic-Pacific canal revealed – Move over, Panama Canal; the Nicaraguan government has unveiled plans to build a canal linking the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and have settled on a route, stretching 278km (173 miles) from Punta Gorda through Lake Nicaragua to the Brito River. (BBC)
  • Boeing adds larger bin option for smaller 737s – Boeing has introduced its new ‘Space Bins’ option for overhead compartments, which add more than 60% more space for carry-on luggage than the normal option. (USA Today)
  • US tightens electronics rules aboard some flights – The TSA will not allow some electronic devices on US-bound planes at certain overseas airports if the devices are not charged up and will power on. (NBC)
  • Yahoo Maps offers scenic routings – The Yahoo Maps service will allow users to choose the most scenic path from Point A to Point B, as opposed to only the fastest or most convenient. (VB)
  • Lufthansa looks to offer budget long-haul option – Looking to unseat the rapidly rising stardom of Norwegian Air, Lufthansa is pondering creating a low-cost, long-haul arm, possibly in cooperation with Turkish Airlines. (WSJ)
  • World’s largest cruise ship now on Google Maps – You can now take a virtual stroll through the largest cruise ship in the world, the Allure of the Seas, on Google Maps Street View. (RC)
  • Venezuela airport charges pax for ‘clean air’ – Venezuela continues its crusade against tourism by charging anyone departing from Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas a levy of 127 bolivars ($18) to pay for a new air conditioning unit that “removes contaminants.” (CNN)

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