Malaysia Airlines A380

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • MH17 shot out of the sky – Malaysian Airlines is back in the news this week after a horrific tragedy, where the flight out of Amsterdam was struck out of the sky over Ukraine with what currently looks to be a missile launched by Russian-backed separatists; all 298 people aboard perished. (NYT)
  • United latest to cut Venezuela – United Airlines follows others as this week they’ve cut flights to the South American country over funds of theirs being held by the government. (Bloomberg)
  • This World Cup sets in-flight broadcast record – The 2014 FIFA final was viewed by over 40,000 passengers, a record for a live in-flight television broadcast. (BW)
  • Costa Rica tourism booming with new routes – The happy Central American nation is set to get almost 10 new, international routes in the next several months, as the tourism to the country continues to grow. (TT)
  • China may help bring rail to S. America – China may be the biggest proponent of a new transcontinental railway to serve South America, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, as trade in the region steadily increases. (QZ)
  • Eurostar finally getting new trains – The London-to-Paris railway through the English Channel is slated to become more comfortable as the company has finally purchased about 10 new trains, scheduled to be in service by the end of next year, about two decades since the last upgrade. (Bloomberg)

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