Paris from Up High

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Paris is a famous city, beautiful and regal, but it is not a large city, nor is it tall; it doesn’t take much climbing to get to the top and have a wonderful vista from almost anywhere you’re at. Unlike New York City, with its stark contrasts of heights amongst buildings, Paris is more uniform in height, a nod to its longer history and one of the aspects that defines the French capital.

One of my best friends, Bob Leathers, recently went on a trip to Paris, France, and took some wonderful shots. Bob managed to capture some different aspects of the City of Lights, such as these photos; Despite being the best photographer I know, Bob is a dedicated and passionate music enthusiast – check out his other work at his music site, The Wandering Musicphile. Also, check out his photos from previous weeks, including windows around Parisgraffiti around Parisdoors around Paris, and photos of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.