Luxor Obelisk Paris

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Standing in Paris’ largest and arguably most-popular square, the Place de la Concorde, is an ancient Egyptian artifact, the Luxor Obelisk. At  23 m (75 ft) in height, the obelisk can be seen from a good distance around; it happens to be in quite good shape, as it doesn’t look a day over its 3,300-plus years.

The Luxor Obelisk is so named because it was originally located at the entrance of the Luxor Temple in Egypt; also known as Cleopatra’s Needle (just like its siblings located in New York and London), the monument was a gift of peace from the Viceroy of Egypt back in 1833, where it now stands prominently in front of such architectural delights as the Church of the Madeleine and the Hôtel de Crillon.

Luxor Obelisk Paris

One of my best friends, Bob Leathers, recently went on a trip to Paris, France, and took some wonderful shots. Bob managed to capture some different aspects of the City of Lights, such as these photos; Despite being the best photographer I know, Bob is a dedicated and passionate music enthusiast – check out his other work at his music site, The Wandering Musicphile. Also, check out his photos from previous weeks, including windows around Parisgraffiti around Parisdoors around Paris, and photos of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.

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