Japanese L0 maglev train
Japanese L0 maglev train, capable of going speeds up to 500 km/h (300+ mph).

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • SkyTeam members give up NYC slots –  In order to resolve a European Union antitrust probe, Air France, KLM, Delta, and Alitalia offered to give up landing and takeoff slots on routes involving New York City. (Bloomberg)
  • Eurostar adds new routes – The rail company plans to add routes from London to Amsterdam and Marseille over the next two years as it tries to increase its value prior to selling off a 40% stake. (Skift)
  • USHS limits return PAX from Ebola countries to 5 US airports – The United States Homeland Security secretary limited return of passengers flying to the US from Ebola-affected countries in West Africa to entering one of five airports screening for the disease. (NYT)
  • First maglev high-speed train in US may come soon – A partnership between private investors and the Japanese government could see a 300+ mph high-speed rail line between Washington DC and Baltimore that would take only 15 minutes end-to-end, and which could eventually be extended to NYC and would take 60 minutes. (Bloomberg)
  • Qantas may be first to allow PAX to recline from gate to gate – In an industry first, Qantas Airlines is designing business class seats that have a special seat belt that would allow passengers to recline from the moment they board until the plane arrives at its destination’s gate. (Skift)
  • Considerations of SF Golden Gate Bridge toll for walkers – Officials are mulling a fee for pedestrians and bikers who want to walk the tourist-favorite span. (TIME)

Plus: Ever wondered how food items make it on an airline’s menu? Read the Skift report about how jetBlue considers if an item is eligible and worthy to serve to its passengers at 30,000 ft. here ->

Also: Take a first peek inside Virgin Atlantic’s new Dreamliner – >

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