Smok Wawelski

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Kraków, most will agree, is Poland’s most beautiful city. The centerpiece of Poland’s second-largest city would be the Gothic Wawel Castle, built in the 1300’s. However, just outsider the inner castle walls stands Smok Wawelski, the dragon of Wawel Hill.

This statue of Smok Wawelski is a representation of a famous legend of Polish folklore, from the days when Kraków was the capital of Poland. To read the story of the legend behind Kraków’s most famous character, check out this article: Smok Wawelski, the Dragon of Wawel Hill.

Smok Wawelski

Joseph and Christian en route to Milan

** These photos were probably taken by my dear friend and travel companion, Joseph Chakola; if not, then I might have taken them using his trusty camera (an iPhone 6). 

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