The Netherlands’ new SolaRoad. Taken from

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • US and China agree on visa deal – Citizens and passport holders of the two largest economies will now have their business and tourist visas for up to 10 years, up from 1 year; student visas will now expire 5 years later. (BBC)
  • Eurostar invests heavily in more trains – Eurostar ordered seven Siemens AG e320 trains worth over a half billion dollars as it extends Channel Tunnel services to the Netherlands and Mediterranean. (Reuters)
  • Qatar may not be LGBT-friendly by World Cup – Qatar’s Sport’s Minister spoke to AP this week about the progress they’re making as they plan for hosting the World Cup, but he can’t promise that gay fans or alcohol will be welcome. (Skift)
  • Dutch transport meets tech – A project to turn bike paths into long solar panel spreads began this week in Amsterdam, dubbed SolaRoad. (SolaRoad, photos above and below)
  • The UK expands express visa service – Britain is expanding its fast-track 24-hour visa service to include New York City, the United Arab Emirates and Paris, along with several cities in other countries, in an effort to boost business investment. (Bloomberg)

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