Delta Airlines Cabin
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Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Southwest trying to introduce flights to Belize – The budget US carrier is seeking the rights to fly from Houston to six Caribbean and Central American destinations, including Belize City. (USA Today)
  • New ‘flights’ for autistic kids’ stress – New ‘practice flights’ at BWI airport let children with autism experience the entire flight experience to enable them to ready themselves for real flights. (ET – link dead)
  • (Possible) End of an era, Berlin-Paris night trains discontinued – In what appears as though it may be the harbinger of the end of the romantic night trains in Europe, Deutsche Bahn is ending the sleeper service between Paris and Berlin, which has been in operation since before World War II. (Skift)
  • Delta rebrands cabin seating – Beginning March, 2015, Delta’s cabins will offer seating with different names, such as ‘Basic Economy,’ which will not allow seat-choosing before the flight. (USA Today)

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