Downtown Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science

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This week’s photos are all essentially the same, but I couldn’t choose which one to share so I uploaded all three. Situated in downtown Warsaw, the capital of Poland, the Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest and, in my opinion, grandest building in the country; my Polish friends would disown me for saying that, due to it being a remnant Stalin and Soviet influence.

Downtown Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science

Today, the Palace offers a great panoramic view from the observatory at the top, as well as a landmark for lost tourists, as it is visible from all over the city. At 237 m (778 ft), four clocks were added to its tower just ahead of the new millenium, briefly granting it the title of “tallest clock tower in the world.”

Downtown Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science

Joseph and Christian en route to Milan

** These photos were probably taken by my dear friend and travel companion, Joseph Chakola; if not, then I might have taken them using his trusty camera (an iPhone 6). 

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