Plzen Czech Republic
City of Plzeň with old water tower from east, Czech Republic. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Alexander Klozar.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • US begins eased travel to Cuba – Beginning yesterday, the United States has allowed travel to Cuba for any of around a dozen reasons without the need of obtaining a permit first. (NYT)
  • Heathrow can’t keep up with Gatwick growth – Even as London’s Heathrow airport continues to add bigger planes, it can’t seem to match the pace of the growth of London Gatwick. (Bloomberg)
  • BA to bid higher for Irish rival – After Aer Lingus rejected their takeover offer, British Airways’ owner IAG SA is planning to increase its offer for its Irish counterpart.
  • Sleep capsules in airports to go mainstream? – Napcabs have just debuted in Munich’s airport, allowing passengers who want some sleep or privacy to rent a 4-square-meter room by the hour right from the center of the terminal. (HuffPo)
  • Expedia may take over Travelocity – Expedia seems ready to acquire Travelocity from its parent company Sabre Corp. (GW)
  • Plzen becomes Euro Capital of Culture – The western Czech Republic city, from which the beer ‘pilsner’ comes from (and known as the Czech Capital of Beer), officially became Europe’s 2015 Capital of Culture. (CN)

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