A320 JetBlue
jetBlue Aircraft. Taken by WIkimedia Commons user Maarten Visser.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Indonesian hotels see hits from cuts, ban – The new Indonesian President Widodo has banned civil servants from hosting meetings in hotels and cut the allowances they get for attending, harming the fragile hospitality industry. (Bloomberg)
  • Delta continues to punish loyal customers – In another surprise move, Delta has completely removed their award charts from their site, and now seems free to charge travelers whatever it deems fit for award travel. (Skift)
  • jetBlue starts accepting Apple Pay – The New York-based US airline has become the first in the industry to accept Apple’s new mobile payment system. (Verge)
  • Danish capital sees change in security – After Copenhagen recently experienced shootings, the capital of Denmark is seeing heightened police presence in a place that used to be carefree and safe. (Bloomberg)
  • Expedia and Orbitz join forces – Two of the travel industry’s heavyweights have combined, as Expedia buys out Orbitz for $1.6 billion. (BI)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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