Visit Ithaca NY Keys Website

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • New York gives up – It has become so cold in the northeastern US, with so much snow accumulation, that the tourism board’s website for the city of Ithaca, NY had a popup on their homepage (shown above) that directed people to visit the Florida Keys instead. (Visit Ithaca)
  • FCC publishes drone rules – In the United States, commercial drones are edging a bit closer to normalcy as the FCC comes up with its first set of rules. (Skift)
  • Delta, Gulf carriers in exchange of words – Delta’s CEO suggested a link between some Gulf carriers to 9/11 terrorism; an apology later was rejected by Emirates and Qatar Airways. (WT)
  • London-Marseille route a surprise hit – The Eurostar rail line of 6 hours and 1,235 km (767 mi) from London St. Pancras to Marseille, France was a surprise success. (Bloomberg)

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