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Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Better plane tracking year after MH370 – A year after that horrendous loss of the missing flight MH370,  Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia are launching a trial to allow air traffic controllers to track aircraft more closely. (Reuters UK)
  • MH370 black box battery expired – A new report on the downed Malaysian Airlines flight 370 found that the battery inside the black box expired a year before the plane disappeared. (Verge)
  • Delta introduces new fares – Delta has come out with new flight products, including Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort, First Class and Delta One, in the hopes of giving passengers more options and to drive revenue. (Skift)
  • Ryanair rebrands again – The European budget airline is limiting the use of bright yellow in its cabins and uniforms as they try for a more refined look in line with a push to improve customer service and dilute its no-frills approach. (Bloomberg)
  • Singapore “world’s most expensive city” again – For the second year in a row, Singapore topped the list of the Economist’s World’s Most Expensive Cities. (Independent)

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