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Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Ryanair reneges on super-cheap transAtlantic flights – Putting rumors of sub-$100 flights between Europe and North America to rest, the budget carrier has clarified its statement, saying it has no plans of the sort (Forbes)
  • Meerkat the new, ‘hottest’ app – The NYC-based company has travelers in awe as it lets users live-stream video from anywhere. (TC)
  • The strong USD may weaken tourism – The United States welcomed a record 75 million international tourists last year, but the surging value of the US Dollar may hurt its growth this year. (WSJ)
  • How about renting an entire village on your next vacation? – To save it from possible extinction, the mayor of the village Megyer, 190 kilometers (120 miles) southwest of Budapest, has put an the whole thing up as a daily rental. (Skift)
  • Egypt makes visas harder – Visitors to Egypt, including Americans and Europeans who previously could obtain visas upon arrival, will soon need to get their visas before traveling. (Guardian)
  • Paris bans some car traffic – For now 3 days in a row, Paris officials are prohibiting vehicular traffic as smog and pollution go way above their safety thresholds. (Skift)

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