Boy Caught in Spanish Customs
Spanish Interior Ministry, via Associated Press and NYT.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Boy smuggled in suitcase caught – In a bizarre photo opportunity (shown above), a father paid smugglers to sneak his child from Africa to Spain, but says he didn’t know the smugglers would use regular luggage to do so. (NYT)
  • PAX could mean record summer – According to polls in the United States, it looks like this summer could have a record number of fliers in the skies, as fares continue to drop. (Skift)
  • Delta may raise stake in Aeromexico – The two are already partners in the Skyteam Alliance, but Citigroup’s selling of their stake could prompt Delta to go in deeper. (Bloomberg)
  • Texting to solve air traffic woes? – In the US, the FAA is looking to allow planes to communicate with Air Traffic Control with the use of texting and emails, with the hopes that it will speed up communication and reduce traffic. (USA Today)

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