Meet the new Amazon(.com) killer: 

First thing’s first: what is Jet?

jet is a new members-only shopping club launching later this year (2015). They call themselves the “Amazon killer,” as they aim to offer their customers a much better value by only reaping profits on the membership fees they take in, rather than a multi-pronged profit system. They say that they will not profit from any products sold, which sounds quite intriguing, don’t you think?

Here’s some words straight from the source:

Jet is a members-only shopping club that gets you the best price on more than 10 million products, every time you shop. No gimmicks. No 29-minute flash sales. No fancy sample stations that suck you in, resulting in the purchase of a 30-pound jar of spicy pickles.

No funny business. Just a simply brilliant way to save money on everything* you buy.

*Yes, even those spicy pickles you’ve grown so fond of.

Membership is $49.99/year, but you’ll end up saving more than you give. And what you get is so much better than a free t-shirt or laminated ID card.

Free shipping over $35 and free returns.

Savings even when you shop other retailer sites.

We’re so sure you’ll save more than our $49.99 membership fee that we’ll refund you the difference between our fee and what you saved if you don’t.

How does Jet save people money?

Here’s a nice graphic that succinctly explains their goal: goal 3

And to their members, they’ll even offer savings based on the payment method used: cc savings

But now, let’s talk about TRAVEL BENEFITS!

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