LaGuardia Renderings 2015
LaGuardia Renderings, taken from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Flickr page.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • LaGuardia may drop its 1500-mile radius – NYC’s 2nd airport has a decades-old perimeter rule that prevents flights in and out to distances of greater than 1500 miles; that may change after the $4 billion makeover, as the airport should be able to handle a larger and more varied load. (TS)
  • The US will get its first private passenger rail after 30+ years – Boston Surface Railroad Co. is planning a commuter rail line that would move passengers between Worcester, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island; there hasn’t been a private commuter rail line since 1983. (BH)
  • Hungary’s famous Pinball Museum survives – Rescued from possible closure, the basement museum, which has about 130 machines, has survived, with tourists to Budapest flocking to the unique establishment. (NYT – link dead)
  • TripAdvisor may be the next Airbnb – While TripAdvisor has been openly moving towards selling rooms, they have kept pretty low-key about their Flipkey unit, which has been slowly and quietly gathering rooms to list as Airbnb. (Skift)

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