Taken by Flickr user Juanedc.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Russia’s Google is also Russia’s Uber – Yandex, Russia’s leading search provider, is also the Uber of the nation, with a very powerful app that connects taxis with passengers. (Bloomberg)
  • Emirates to soon have world’s longest flight – With their planned 777 service between Dubai and Panama City, Emirates will take over the title; the new flight will be just over 17.5 hours and should begin in early 2016. (Indp)
  • Ryanair may partner with others to offer long-haul service – The notorious budget carrier is in talks with several other carriers, such as Norwegian and Virgin Atlantic, to possibly provide feeder service to connect more people to long-haul flights. (Bloomberg)
  • British police patrolling in Spain – Two British police officers have joined the officers in Magaluf, Mallorca to help control the drunken tourists and to remind British vacationers to behave well while on holiday abroad. (DM)

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