While most Euro-trips return without incident, there are plenty of scam artists ready to pounce on unaware tourists. Don’t get caught out. Knowing what to look for can keep you and your wallet safe when abroad. This helpful infographic seeks to shed light on some of the most popular and common travel scams to avoid in Europe, along with how to avoid them and the country it is most prevalent in.


Puncturing Tires

Common in: Italy
‘Highway pirates’ discretely puncture your tires and follow you until you stop. Posing as a good Samaritan, they’ll offer to help and rob you in the process.

8 Travel Scams to Avoid in Europe Infographic


It’s easy to get carried away by the romance of traveling, but remember to pack a little common sense – it can protect you from being taken for a ride. Thanks for reading, and be sure to stay safe while abroad!
This travel infographic was provided by NeoMam and published for AIG.

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