Special Thanks

Some people and organizations have gone above and beyond in helping Dauntless Jaunter become more popular and successful. For that, this is just a simple thanks. If you, as a reader, ever wanted to support or thank us at Dauntless Jaunter, supporting these guys is more than thanks enough.

Use-It Europe Logo


Use-It Europe is the source for paper maps, resurrected and better than ever. Their maps are free and quite unique, made by the locals and catered towards younger travelers. Read about their nifty maps here »

Munster Marketing LogoMünster Marketing – Special thanks to the team over at Münster Marketing, the official tourism arm for the city of Münster, in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia.

I have particular appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful ladies who helped me make my last trip to this bicycle paradise a fun and successful one: Martje Saljé, Susanne Weber, Juliane Unkelbach, Edith van Delden, and Lisa Figura. I had an amazing time there, and hope to visit again soon. Check out some of the wonderful places I visited around Münster here ->

Giancarlo Alberti

Marcel Slottke & Giancarlo Alberti – These two guys took a shitty logo that I’ve been using for two years, reimagined it, and spit it back out in a night-and-day difference. Apart from being great artistically, these two are also some of my closest friends. Read more about the logo HERE »

Marcel Slottke

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