How Different People Eat Fries Around World Infographic

How Different People Eat Fries Around the World (Infographic & Video)

How Different People Eat Fries Around the World - people eat their french fries in many different ways around the world, and this infographic has them all.
8 Travel Scams to Avoid in Europe Infographic

8 Travel Scams to Avoid in Europe (Infographic)

Most trips are great, but there are still scams to avoid in Europe. Don’t get caught out; knowing what to look for can keep you and your wallet safe abroad.
Nativity of the Virgin Birth of Mary Icon

Babinden, Bulgaria’s Midwife’s Day

Babinden, Midwife’s Day in Bulgaria, is a holiday that’s been celebrated for many years to honor the midwives who helped with home births.
Christmas Decor

Koleduvane: A Bulgarian Christmas Tradition

Bulgarians have some great traditions, and the pre-Christmas Koleduvane is certainly one of them, a mix of pagan rituals and Christian symbols.
Travel Image Editing Tips Infographic Featured

8 Image Editing Tips for Travel Photos (Infographic)

Turn snapshots into something special with the help of the digital darkroom.
12 Alternative Christmas Markets Infographic Featured

The 12 Alternative Markets of Christmas (Infographic)

Here are 12 alternative Christmas markets that should satisfy the tastes of even the most jaded Scrooge, from Dubai to Japan, and more.
Georgia South Ossetia Abkhazia

10 Interesting Facts About Georgia

Real, interesting facts and history, not just filler; this list of facts about Georgia is complete with sources, so you'll know it's legit.
Life of St Nicholas Fra Angelico

Nikulden: St. Nikola’s Day, Bulgaria

Nikulden is the Bulgarian version of St. Nick's Day. Read more about the legends, traditions, and customs of this holiday in this post!
Why Culture Shock is Good for You Featured

Why Culture Shock is Good for You (Infographic)

While it's tempting to stay within your comfort zone, exposing yourself to new cultures and ways of seeing the world is vital for personal growth.
Baltic Amber

10 Interesting Facts About Latvia

Latvia is a small, but it's full of warm people, great food, stories, and sites, and a long history. Here's some facts on the Baltic nation.