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Hispanic vs. Latino vs. Spanish vs. Latin American

The terms Hispanic, Latino, Spanish, etc. are often misinterpreted, confused, and misused, so we aim to help clear up the differences between each term.
USA Flag 2

Why Do USA Citizens Call Themselves “Americans”?

It seems unfair, narcissistic, and arrogant, argue some, for citizens of the United States of America to call themselves "Americans."
French embassy in Vienna

Embassy vs. Consulate vs. Mission: What’s the Difference?

This article goes on to explain the differences and various functions of diplomatic missions such as embassies and consulates.
Middle East Map

Arab vs. Persian vs. Middle Eastern

People often get these terms confused, but it important to understand these basic concepts if we are to shed light on news from the region.
map Brazil

Unique Facts About Brazil

Traveling to Brazil? Keep these little tidbits of information handy to gain a unique perspective on this large South American country.

33 Airport and Flight Terms

In my never ending quest to understand the travel industry, I am constantly hearing new words, phrases, and abbreviations which I am not familiar with....
Plane in tornado turbulence

7 Airplane & Flight Myths Debunked

Here are seven common myths that scare people into keeping their two feet on solid ground, debunked.
World Map

Continents: How Many Are There, Really?

Are there six continents, or seven? What constitutes the boundaries of a continent? We look for the answer in this post.
Modern Toilet Restaurant

30 of the World’s Weirdest Theme Restaurants

The weirdest and most bizarre theme restaurants around the world.

(Great) Britain vs. United Kingdom vs. England

The differences between Great Britain, England, and the United Kingdom, as well as Ireland, Éire, and Northern Ireland.