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Lokál Restaurant, Prague

Lokál Restaurant, Prague: A True Taste of the Czech Republic

Lokál Restaurant, Prague, offers some delicious traditional foods of the Czech Republic at an affordable price and in an inviting setting.
Georgia South Ossetia Abkhazia

10 Interesting Facts About Georgia

Real, interesting facts and history, not just filler; this list of facts about Georgia is complete with sources, so you'll know it's legit.

Stepping on the Bull’s Balls in Milan

For anyone that's ever made it to Milan, you've no doubt spent at least a bit of time within the magnificent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,...
Lido Atputas Centrs

LIDO at Atpūtas Centrs in Riga, Latvia

The LIDO at Atpūtas Centrs in Riga, Latvia is the perfect place to have traditional Latvian and Baltic cuisine for lunch or dinner.
How Different People Eat Fries Around World Infographicvideo

How Different People Eat Fries Around the World (Video)

How Different People Eat Fries Around the World - people eat their french fries in many different ways around the world, and this video has them all.
wedding 3

Bulgarian Wedding Traditions, Part 3: At the Wedding (Continued)

This is part one of a four-part look into the culture and traditions of Bulgarian weddings and marriage, specifically the wedding itself.

5 Iconic Movie Locations to Visit in the USA

America, home of the blockbuster, movie stars, Hollywood and more films than you can shake a stick at! While many of us have viewed...

The Easiest Places to Travel From

25 busiest airport systems in world, most passengers airports
USA Flag 2

Why Do USA Citizens Call Themselves “Americans”?

It seems unfair, narcissistic, and arrogant, argue some, for citizens of the United States of America to call themselves "Americans."
World Map

Continents: How Many Are There, Really?

Are there six continents, or seven? What constitutes the boundaries of a continent? We look for the answer in this post.

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