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33 Airport and Flight Terms

In my never ending quest to understand the travel industry, I am constantly hearing new words, phrases, and abbreviations which I am not familiar with....
London Covent Garden Outdoor Cafe

A Brief History of London, England

A condensed history of London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom.
New Yorker Flipping the Bird

New Yorkers – Rude? A Look at Speech Patterns in NYC

I just finished reading an interesting article on a completely different aspect on the differences in communication in English among the various regions in...

Meet the Deities of Travel

Hundreds and thousands of years ago, travelers would often ask the help of different deities, gods, goddesses, patron saints, etc.
Smorgasbord Julbord Sweden

Julbord – The Traditional Swedish “Christmas Table” Meal

A traditional Christmas in Sweden is not complete without the traditional julbord, a holiday variation of the quintessential Smörgåsbord buffet-style meal in the Scandinavian country.

An Ultimate Guide to European Street Food (Infographic)

This infographic offers a taste of some popular street foods in countries across Europe, including price, ingredients, calories, and more.
Bulgarian flag

Facts You Didn’t Know About Bulgaria

There are some astonishing facts about Bulgaria that very few people know about. Here’s a list that will surprise you!
17th Century Art Depicting Peter and Paul

Petrovden, the Day of St. Peter and Pavel

Petrovden is a famous name day in Bulgaria, celebrated annually on 29th June; it is widely-celebrated, as it is the day of St. Peter and St. Pavel.
Giancarlo Alberti's Watch the Gray Exhibition at Local Project, LIC, NYC

Interview with Giancarlo Alberti, Deputy Consul, Consulate General of Chile in New York

An interview with Giancarlo Alberti Barrios, the Deputy Consul of Chile's consulate in New York, along with a look at his personal artwork.
map Brazil

Unique Facts About Brazil

Traveling to Brazil? Keep these little tidbits of information handy to gain a unique perspective on this large South American country.