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Warsaw Uprising Museum - Replica of Liberator B-24J Bomber

Visiting the Warsaw Uprising Museum

Crucial in understanding the Polish people, history, & identity is to learn of the Warsaw Uprising, and the Rising Museum is the best place to do so.
Warsaw Uprising Museum - Nazi Collage

A Brief History of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944

The Warsaw Uprising was a major event during World War II, and a very important part of Polish history.
Vasa warship at Vasamuseet, the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

The Vasa Museum & the Warship’s History, Stockholm, Sweden

A history of Vasa, Sweden's largest warship, and the Vasamuseet that houses it in Stockholm today.
Swedish Flag

15 Fascinating Facts About Swedish History

Sweden has a long and colorful history, going back many centuries in great detail. Here are fifteen different facts about Swedish history that you may find funny, amusing, and fascinating.
USA Flag 2

Why Do USA Citizens Call Themselves “Americans”?

It seems unfair, narcissistic, and arrogant, argue some, for citizens of the United States of America to call themselves "Americans."

(Great) Britain vs. United Kingdom vs. England

The differences between Great Britain, England, and the United Kingdom, as well as Ireland, Éire, and Northern Ireland.

Marco Polo: The Original Travel Blogger

Marco Polo, that famous Venetian explorer from almost a millennium ago in ancient Italy, could be regarded as a travel blogging pioneer.

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