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Our Take: Tips, Advice, Recommendations, Etc.

"Our Take" includes our subjective posts with travel-related tips, recommendations, advice, warnings, theories, viewpoints, sentiments and other opinions.

Random Paris France

The 5 Worst Travel Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

There are pitfalls for travelers, just as with any activity; here are five particular mistakes for travelers to avoid.
Lokál Restaurant, Prague

Lokál Restaurant, Prague: A True Taste of the Czech Republic

Lokál Restaurant, Prague, offers some delicious traditional foods of the Czech Republic at an affordable price and in an inviting setting.
Love Valley Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

5 Unique And Fun Ways To Get Around From All Over The World

Here is a list of just five ways of ‘getting around’ transportation options that just have to be experienced!
Knee Defender

Do I Have the Right to Use a Knee Defender on a Flight?

It might be legal, and it might not be denied by flight authorities, but is it a passenger's right to be able to prevent a seat from reclining?

Use Your Phone’s GPS While Abroad Without Using Data

A simple trick to use Google Maps on your smartphone without incurring data charges by caching maps for offline use (Android & iPhone).
Troost Sex Lives Cannibals

Reading Rec: J. Maarten Troost and The Sex Lives of Cannibals

A highly recommended travel book is the decade-old The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost, about his life in Tarawa, Kiribati.
Lifetramp Featured

Lifetramp: Define Your Path, But Try Everything First

Lifetramp is a new tool that lets you meet real people in the real world for a day, trying new things and helping you to find your life's path.
Plane Boarding Etiquette Featured

Don’t Be An Asshole Traveler: Proper Plane Boarding Etiquette Rules

There's limited time to board, so there are some common sense and courteous plane boarding etiquette rules that should be followed to ensure punctuality.
Street Market, Stockholm

How to Keep Your Stomach Happy While Traveling Abroad

When traveling, we may disregard our eating inhibitions and rules temporarily; however, it is prudent to keep some considerations in mind.
Leaving Jamaica

A Plea to Every Traveler: Remember, You Are An Ambassador

You are an ambassador for the country of your passport, your city, your religious, political, and ideological views, for your friends and family, whether you like it or not.