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Our Take: Tips, Advice, Recommendations, Etc.

"Our Take" includes our subjective posts with travel-related tips, recommendations, advice, warnings, theories, viewpoints, sentiments and other opinions.

View from Cleverdale

My Stay at Cleverdale Guesthouse, Worthing, Barbados

I'm a last-minute kind of guy. I procrastinate until the time is well within the realm of the unreasonable. This past weekend, on my...

Why Travel Agents Still Exist and Are Better

In this modern age where everything is right at our fingertips, can travel agents still beat their online counterparts?

Let’s Step Outside Our Bubbles

This one goes out mainly to my fellow Americans (sounds presidential, huh?). As an American, born and bred, I grew up utilizing...

Travel Hacking 206: Hacking Dual Flights

There may come a time of the year that is especially busy for you, in terms of flying. December is like that for me;...
Passport & World Map & Airline Tickets

Travel Hacking – How Necessity is Mothering Invention

What is travel hacking and how to use it to work for you.

The Best Programs to Speed You Through Airport Security

Arguably the best perk that many airline frequent flier programs have to offer is the privilege to speed through security in a special, reserved...
Morocco Market Baskets

15 Kinds of Alternative Travel

Here is an inconclusive list of various alternative travel neologisms and jargon that have been coined and adopted by today's travelers.

How to Travel with Friends Without Wanting to Kill Each Other

A how-to guide on how to travel and go on holiday with friends and family and still remain friends after the trip is over.

Renting a Car in Jamaica

There is so much beauty throughout the island nation of Jamaica, that one of the best ways to experience it is to rent a...

Get in the Know: Navigating FlyerTalk.com

The kind of traveling I enjoy usually involves choosing the destination by finding incredible (or at least reasonable) deals, rather than picking a place...