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Our Take: Tips, Advice, Recommendations, Etc.

"Our Take" includes our subjective posts with travel-related tips, recommendations, advice, warnings, theories, viewpoints, sentiments and other opinions.

Trying to Sleep to Venice

The Traveler’s Guide to Sleeping Well

This is a guide to help travelers sleep well no matter what condition: different time zone, jet lag, climate change, humidity change, etc.

How to Stay Safe in Kuwait

Kuwait is a tiny country located in the Middle East, on the northern portion of the Arabian Peninsula - one of the most tense...
flags world

Is a Language Exchange the Way to Go?

A language exchange may be one of the best ways to learn a new language.
View from the observatory at the Torre Colpatria in downtown Bogota, Colombia.

Traveling? Lose Your Preconceived Notions First

It is important, for both yourself and the destination that you plan to visit, to travel without any preconceived ideas.
German Bombers over London WWII

Scared to Travel? Let Gladwell & WWII Londoners Allay Those Fears

A lesson in conquering fear by the brave Londoners under attack by German bombers during World War II via Malcolm Gladwell's David and Goliath.
Kayak.com logo

Kayak.com – How to Use Every Feature to Search for the Ideal Flight

A guide to using the numerous features that Kayak.com has to offer to find the best prices for airfare.
JFK Airport

Getting to JFK Airport From Anywhere Around NYC

A guide to getting to JFK, NYC's John F Kennedy International Airport from anywhere in the New York City metropolitan area.

Travel Booking Site Review: Kayak.com

Introduction | Booking on Site | Airfare | Hotels | Car | Packages | Cruise | Trains/Buses | Activities | Notable Features | Customer Service | Rewards | Pros/Cons | Summary Introduction Kayak.com is my favorite website to go to in order to establish my baseline price (ceiling). Kayak is what's called...

Why Travel Light? 10 Reasons to Pack Less

My roommate and her boyfriend recently left on a trip to Seattle, and when they came back, I was surprised at how much luggage...
Leaving Jamaica

A Plea to Every Traveler: Remember, You Are An Ambassador

You are an ambassador for the country of your passport, your city, your religious, political, and ideological views, for your friends and family, whether you like it or not.