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Our Take: Tips, Advice, Recommendations, Etc.

"Our Take" includes our subjective posts with travel-related tips, recommendations, advice, warnings, theories, viewpoints, sentiments and other opinions.

Competitive Traveling: Quantity vs. Quality

I've heard about this sport termed, by some, "competitive traveling," some time ago, but I was reminded of it the other day while reading...

5 Painless Travel Preparation Tips

These tips below are so simple and appear to be quite obvious, yet they are often overlooked when planning the next adventure or vacation...

Fall Hurricane Season, the Best Time to Travel?

The autumn here in New York City ushers in much change: I start to put away my shorts, then my short-sleeved shirts; I put...
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Talking to Airline Agents: Calm or Anxious?

Sometimes, anxiety and nervousness when talking to airport and security agents pay off.

USE-IT European Maps: Paper Makes a Witty Comeback

Some things in life are better in their originally-intended state; when done correctly, maps are really most ideal in their paper form.
Street Market, Stockholm

How to Keep Your Stomach Happy While Traveling Abroad

When traveling, we may disregard our eating inhibitions and rules temporarily; however, it is prudent to keep some considerations in mind.
Trying to Sleep to Venice

The Traveler’s Guide to Sleeping Well

This is a guide to help travelers sleep well no matter what condition: different time zone, jet lag, climate change, humidity change, etc.

Use Your Phone’s GPS While Abroad Without Using Data

A simple trick to use Google Maps on your smartphone without incurring data charges by caching maps for offline use (Android & iPhone).

What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

13 Types of Travelers: There are many kinds of travelers, and no wrong way to go about it. Which kind are you?
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10 Ways to Maximize Frequent Flier Mileage

10 important ideas to keep in mind so you can maximize the points and mileage in your frequent flier program.