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Our Take: Tips, Advice, Recommendations, Etc.

"Our Take" includes our subjective posts with travel-related tips, recommendations, advice, warnings, theories, viewpoints, sentiments and other opinions.

How to Pack and Travel Light

The guide on how to travel light by packing less.

Learning Hungarian Magyar Like a Baby

I am trying to learn Hungarian. It's a difficult language, one of the hardest in the world, but I'm going to Hungary...
Passport & World Map & Airline Tickets

Travel Hacking – How Necessity is Mothering Invention

What is travel hacking and how to use it to work for you.
frequent flier programs featured

10 Ways to Maximize Frequent Flier Mileage

10 important ideas to keep in mind so you can maximize the points and mileage in your frequent flier program.
Bill Bryson Notes from a Small Island

Reading Rec: Bill Bryson and Notes from a Small Island

A brief synopsis and recommendation of the author Bill Bryson and his book Notes from a Small Island

USE-IT European Maps: Paper Makes a Witty Comeback

Some things in life are better in their originally-intended state; when done correctly, maps are really most ideal in their paper form.
Alaska Air

Longer Stay, Less Money

It's that time. Time to bust out the plastic, check the bank account and lock everything in. You're about to book your next vacation,...

How to Rent a Bicycle in New York City

Citi Bike, the new bike share program operated by NYC Bike Share, has finally arrived in New York City, after many years...

Why Travel Agents Still Exist and Are Better

In this modern age where everything is right at our fingertips, can travel agents still beat their online counterparts?
D'Norberto Peluqueria, one of the best salons in Colombia. Christmas 2010.

Satisfy Your Indulgences Abroad

You're already traveling and spending money - why not save a bit by taking care of some of your luxuries and indulgences while abroad?