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The travel blog includes personal stories, firsthand experiences, and other articles full of subjective comments and opinions.

Warsaw Featured

Surfing My First Couch in Warsaw, Poland

I couchsurfed for the first time in Praga District, Warsaw, Poland.

My 24 Hours in Milan

A 24-hour tour of the city of Milano, Italy, with my best friends.

Immersion Into Foreign Culture from the Comfort of My Home

No, I am not an armchair traveler, and I don't promote the idea so much; the best way to experience and learn about the...

Giddy Nonetheless: Can’t Travel? Bring Destinations to You

A month ago, I came back home from an all-too-short first trip to Warsaw, Poland, and the impression that this city and all the...
View from Cleverdale

My Stay at Cleverdale Guesthouse, Worthing, Barbados

I'm a last-minute kind of guy. I procrastinate until the time is well within the realm of the unreasonable. This past weekend, on my...

Best Trip Yet: The Great Northern Italy Adventure

Dec. 24, 2012: NYC to AMS I should have started this trip more responsibly. One of my best friends, Joseph, and I had booked tickets...

My Life as a Flight Attendant

I wake up in the morning, with absolutely no idea where I am. To be more specific, without any idea whether I am in...

My Great 2012 Mileage Run: 4 Countries, 5 Days

I have talked a bit about mileage runs in the recent past, yet I've actually never completed one. I bought a ticket in the...

Bohemian Days: A Journey Through Prague

Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, and historical capital of Bohemia proper, was founded circa 885 AD. Overall, the city...
Around Riga

Exploring Riga, Stockholm, and Copenhagen in a Week

My latest adventure took me to Northern Europe, specifically the countries of Latvia, Denmark, and Sweden.