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The travel blog includes personal stories, firsthand experiences, and other articles full of subjective comments and opinions.

Warsaw Metro station - A-17 Dworzec Gdański

Meeting the Locals Via CouchSurfing

My experience with meeting the locals and seeing Warsaw, Poland through their perspective.
Last Man to Die on 9 11

Tribute to the Forgotten “Last Man Killed on 9/11”

Ten years ago tomorrow, the United States suffered a devastating blow in the terrorist attacks. We all know this, and friends, families, cities, and...

Next Up: Barbados!

A few weeks back, I wrote about how I happened across an email from jetBlue, the kind I usually disregard as spam, and was...
Mt. Diablo State Park

My Other Home: SF East Bay Area, Concord/Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek, CA

No one who knows me will or can deny that I love my hometown of New York City like no other; I am proud...

Heading to Italy!

I and Joseph booked our trip to visit our dear friends, Paolo and Alessandra, in Italy for Christmas and New Year's 2012.

Best Trip Yet: The Great Northern Italy Adventure

Dec. 24, 2012: NYC to AMS I should have started this trip more responsibly. One of my best friends, Joseph, and I had booked tickets...

The 48 Hour Jaunt

How my traveling gets crammed into an activity-packed weekend.

Immersion Into Foreign Culture from the Comfort of My Home

No, I am not an armchair traveler, and I don't promote the idea so much; the best way to experience and learn about the...

Jude Law and a Semester Abroad

After my friend Ania left my place a few weeks ago, where I had been hosting her while she couchsurfed in New York City,...

That Time My Plane Lost Cabin Pressure…

Back in late 2010, I started this website as a travel blog, as I wanted to really start traveling, while documenting it. The first trip...