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Warsaw Featured

Surfing My First Couch in Warsaw, Poland

I couchsurfed for the first time in Praga District, Warsaw, Poland.

Celebrating New Year’s in Padova (Padua), Italy

My Great Northern Italy Adventure continued a bit past my intended stay. I was scheduled to return home to New York City on the...

G2012MR Segment 6: CDG to JFK

So, it was about time for my 6th and final leg of my Great 2012 Mileage Run. I'd had a great time visiting various...
minimizing regrets

Minimizing Regrets by Traveling

How traveling helps us realize our full dreams and potential while minimizing our future regrets.

Americans Make Me Sick

Before I begin, let me just say that I am an American; I was born here, grew up here, and I love many of...
JFK Airport

JFK Int’l Airport: My Favorite Place in the World

I love traveling, as you and my other three readers may have guessed. I love the packing, the schlepping, the anxiety, the relaxation, the...
Mt. Diablo State Park

My Other Home: SF East Bay Area, Concord/Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek, CA

No one who knows me will or can deny that I love my hometown of New York City like no other; I am proud...

Sisyphus, Abeona, Adiona, then Janus

Sisyphus Are you familiar with the story of Sisyphus? Sisyphus was the king of Ephyra in Greek mythology, notorious for his deceit and for killing...
Saturated Party

Saturated Party With the Warsaw CouchSurfing Group

A week before I left for my trip, this Great 2012 Mileage Run, I started getting in touch with a community of couchsurfers. Specifically,...

My First CouchSurfing Hosting Experience

This last week and a half, I've had the pleasure of hosting one of the people I met when I was in Poland back...