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Frederic Chopin WAW Airport Featured

G2012MR Segment 4: WAW to AMS

On Sunday, February 5, 2012, it was time to leave Warsaw. I woke up that morning in Sonia's house, to my last home-cooked meal...

Gift and a Curse: Making Friends Abroad

I love traveling for every possible reason, but if the only positive outcome is that I make some new friends each time I leave...
International Air Transport Association IATA Logo

Mastering a Travel Language: Speaking in IATA

I have written in the recent past that I consider myself to be a traveler now; I travel relatively often, I understand...
Sun out after the rain

The Real Cancun, Mexico

My quick mileage run to Cancun, Mexico, and exploring the "real" city.

My 24 Hours in Milan

A 24-hour tour of the city of Milano, Italy, with my best friends.

36 Hours in Udine, Italy

Once leaving Venice on our Great Northern Italy Adventure, my best friends Paolo, Joseph, and Alessandra headed back to Udine, Alessandra's home town. We...

Sisyphus, Abeona, Adiona, then Janus

Sisyphus Are you familiar with the story of Sisyphus? Sisyphus was the king of Ephyra in Greek mythology, notorious for his deceit and for killing...
minimizing regrets

Minimizing Regrets by Traveling

How traveling helps us realize our full dreams and potential while minimizing our future regrets.

Sandy Beach to Hurricane Sandy

This past weekend, I took a few days to go relax in Barbados and see the sights. The weather was perfect the entire time...
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica to Jamaica, then the 718 to the 718

Friday night I went over to my friend Joseph's apartment, like I do many nights when I'm not traveling. Usually, we meet for dinner...