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The travel blog includes personal stories, firsthand experiences, and other articles full of subjective comments and opinions.

Through the Eyes of a Tourist: NY TV & Movie Sites Tour

I pride myself on my ability to see both sides of every story; playing devil's advocate is a hobby of mine, and whichever side...

36 Hours in Udine, Italy

Once leaving Venice on our Great Northern Italy Adventure, my best friends Paolo, Joseph, and Alessandra headed back to Udine, Alessandra's home town. We...
8 Hours In Montreal

Layover YUL: 8 Hours In Montreal

As the first stop in my Great 2012 Mileage Run, my little CRJ-900 plane from JFK landed in Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)...
JFK Airport

JFK Int’l Airport: My Favorite Place in the World

I love traveling, as you and my other three readers may have guessed. I love the packing, the schlepping, the anxiety, the relaxation, the...

Planning the Next Adventure: I’m Getting Hungary!

I am starting to get restless; it's been two months now since my last adventure, which took me to Montreal, Warsaw, Amsterdam, and Paris....

The 48 Hour Jaunt

How my traveling gets crammed into an activity-packed weekend.
Lithuanian Coins

Should I Mourn the Loss of a National Currency?

Sadness at the loss of the Latvian lat currency and its switch to the euro; however, is that mournfulness misguided and selfish?

How to Get Rich Hosting a Couchsurfer

I just hosted my first couchsurfer, Ania, last week, and I loved every minute of it. In the end, after balancing the checkbook, it...

How I Became a Flight Attendant

  For some stews, it has been their childhood dream and they have dozens of childhood photos with a flight attendant uniform, pretending to serve...

Finding Destinations By Deals, Rather Than Deals By Destination

A reverse travel hacking technique - Finding Destinations By Deals, Rather Than Deals By Destination.