Bosnia and Herzegovina Destination Guide


Updated: 4 January 2016.

Bosna i Hercegovina | Босна и Херцеговина

Bosnia and Herzegovina (sometimes called simply Bosnia) is a country in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula; it is bordered by Croatia to the north, west and south, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the southeast. Near the town of Neum, it has a border with the Adriatic Sea for about 20 km. Its capital and largest city is Sarajevo, and there are 3 official languages: Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian.

Not too long ago, Bosnia was notorious for strife and violence, but it is now mostly past that, and is quite the tourist destination. Similar to Turkey, it seems to be the gate through which East meets West. Likewise, Christianity and Islam are the two dominant religions (though slightly more Muslims), with Catholicism being third.

Sarajevo’s airport is the main entry/exit point in the country, though it is located a short distance away from the capital city itself. There is currently no public transportation to and from the airport, so taxis must be taken. The airports in Bosnia are fairly well-connected to other major cities in Europe and the Middle East, especially with Zagreb, Croatia, and Istanbul, Turkey. Trains in the country are still a work in progress, but there are trains often enough to large cities in its immediate neighbors, where transfers can be made further away.

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